Dress For Sale 1

I got a wild hair tempted by a massive Tatyana sale, and regret the money I spent as nothing fit quite right. So, dress for sale! Stained glass dress tight 26in the waist 34in bust with room for much more than a B cup, up to 40in hips. This dress is more generous than I can handle in the bust and hips and length. Bubble silhouette may look best on a taller gal than I. Contact me, ladies $20 and I will give you the authentic vintage gloves with it for $5. The shoes were acquired from Racks Boutique in Midtown, I will sell them for $7 if you have a size seven/seven and a half NARROW foot. I also have two front tie tops in similar size, Small never worn except to try on as well $7 each. Contact me for photos and more specific measurements. If you’re local, try it on!

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MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

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