Autorama 2015

This year’s theme: Gatsby! I dressed for the occasion, if you are wondering about the day’s style. Beautiful indoor car show, shiny tailor queens understandably roped off on display indoors. Creativity abounds to a whole new level as cars are perched and mirrors reflect the cleanest of undercarriages accompanied by accent pieces. Owners provide their own barriers, and some of these cars are traveling museum pieces, making their way around the country. This shiny orange Fleetline is the most similar car to mine at the show, and far more captivating than my dull door-banger. Some collect cars for beauty, nostalgia, and sentiment. They are preserving something marvelous. Others just want something more interesting to get us down the road, and that’s okay. Car culture has many sub-cultures within it and I value each flavor.

We frequently see “tot rodders” or cars built for kids, but this puppy rodder caught a lot of attention along with its adorable passenger. The pinup image on the door below is another kind of en-treatment to the eye, as is the “purple people eater” which speaks to the little girl inside me who adored the song and movie as a child.

The show came to life for me at a whole new level once we hit the outdoor portion, familiar grounds of owners hanging out with their cars enjoying the crowd and discussing their garage experiences. Steven, the owner of this perfect-fit 1929 Ford graciously allowed me to sit in and play. Announcement here to save the date for my 30th birthday party May 9. We are saying “farewell” to my twenties in roaring Speakeasy style at the Firehouse 5. See the special place in my heart for this car at this moment?

Ray runs a Model “T” shop in Sonoma, and was gracious enough to allow me to step into this gorgeous green 1926 racer. I can only imagine the laughs and fun to be had in this ride. All this fancy has Lorde’s Royals song playing in my head, but that likely has to do with the fact that it was the last song played at the Firehouse 5 last night during the steal jam. My heart beats to music and dance at the moment. Connecting with people in partner dance is such a delightful experience.

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Self
Wardrobe: Rabbit Fur acquired from Super Hoarders Antiques in Dixon, CA; Hair piece by All That Jazz Design; Pikolinos shoes; dress acquired second-hand at a clothing swap with friends compliments the lovely Monica Buescher

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