Listen to Your Heart

I fought for my heart. Indeed, I have fought for my very soul. The soul as I understand it to be the seat of mind, will and emotion…for these I have fought. A warped Biblical position of submission I once embraced after diction from a marriage counselor that my emotions didn’t matter and needed to be set aside for the sake of doing “right”. Emotions will come later, she said. My situation was in fact different from most, and feelings alerted me something was off for years. I am learning to again listen to my feelings , tempered with logic. I assaulted my soul with bad advice and poor guidance. I fought and fought, small victories won, I fought for my soul, and my soul’s longings have found rest. If your soul has longing, pay attention. Explore. Make peace with yourself, and if peace is not found then keep seeking until it is found. Do not assault your soul, the fight is worth results.

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