Waking Up

Wake from sleep, oh babe. Breathe life anew and live in truth, where feelings are real and the senses may reign. Celebrate a new life, a new start. The pill has been swallowed, now embrace truth. Embrace life. Not always is this path pretty, but it is real and felt to the bones. Swim in the new reality, allow vulnerability and enjoy its fruits.

Years living in murky waters, incubating and learning whilst hiding and seeking from a place of “safety”. I didn’t exist. That is, until I spoke up to find a place where I could. Seeking, searching at every meeting to make sense of the mess. At least I was no longer in the years of oblivion ignorant and abusing my true nature for the sake of “rightness”. I sought answers any and everywhere, yet none could tell me what I should nor could do. Speechless I left them without answers. Nor within could answers conjure, not even after reading stacks of books and articles, hours of professional counseling plus hours of prayer to the point where all utterances boiled down to a desperate cry of heart, “Do something!”

Ten months I was awake to my pain which followed years of numb. Ten months I was living in thick fog much like this milk bath, unable to see through the density. Bleeding eyes thankful for sight enough to know I could not return to a previous existence. I was drowning, suffocating, reaching out whilst dredging forward in an emotional swampland.

One conversation. One night. One story told, then another equaling truth standing before me. One connection to the right energy at the right time. One suggestion to consider in it all the simplest concept of lifestyles. The next morning I awoke with emerging clarity knowing exactly what to do.

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: none, I am raw and we do not digitally touch up

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