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Midnight Mass this past summer themed their Pinup Pageant as a beach party from the sixties. I have tended to lean toward forties and fifties style from my Lindy Hop days. Interesting challenge to research and outfit a different era, but I discovered that I dig! Inspiration served for my Swinging Sixties series. This suit has been in my closet since the precious summer when I talked about collecting a small Spartan army of swimwear, and I discovered this yellow piece of history as accurate, on my body as well. So I ordered accessories and these shoes, which came with the original 1960s price-tag still attached. I found this fabulous white purse in my favorite vintage community online. A new hair gal did a fabulous job, and I adore this style! I decided to not attend the pageant nor the event. So here is my fabulous look, exclusively revealed here and now.

Speakeasy Photos

Brix the Salon

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