Such a critical word, yet oft overlooked by today’s shortened forms of written communication. Without this word, The Pinup Pursuit will not appear in your search results, nor will The Luscious Ladies nor The Atomic Angels, nor a host of printed papers. Pivitol word indeed to get the groups and pages sought. This sign hung in my husband’s grandmother’s small studio above a doorway which overlooked her pond and vast beautiful garden. Seated at her dining table one day, I asked what it meant. Wide-eyed with a hint of drama, she stated, “The.” Upon her passing and clearing out her estate with the whole family, I decided we needed to have this curious piece on our home, where it now resides in the kitchen. Do you have the time?

Speakeasy Photography
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Dress: Authentic vintage procured on Ohh La La Facebook group
Cart and accompaniments: Authentic vintage Inherited from my Nonnie

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