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Iron Steed Harley Davidson of Vacaville and ABATE Local #17 hosted the annual bike and car show, Hot Rods & Harleys complete with trophies or plaques for those who placed in the show. Tempting prizes were raffled off, most popular being a bike trailer, though I am sure the electronics including iPads felt like total prizes as well. I paid a heftier fee than the last two car shows to enter, but ABATE is totally worth supporting! They are the folks looking out for Totalitarian policies such as the one the state of California attempted passing last year, which would make it illegal for bikers to ride more than three in a group. Yeah, that tried to happen. Watch out for your rights, folks, and thank organizations such as ABATE who spread the word when such anti-Libertarian policies attempt to sneak up on folks. Droppin’ it.
My dad pulled his truck in after a forty hour Saturday which included a flight from the Philippines plus a few hours of sleep once home. Needless to say, his bikes were left at the house and we were lucky he was upright. We could not park next to each other this time, because as many car shows choose and as explained to my son when asked the preschooler’s quintessential question, “Why?” Segregation is alive and well in car shows. Snark. Gotta park with your class. Different awards for different classes of vehicles equals ease of judgment for those marking the scorecard. So Dad parked with the trucks, here is one of many in his competition class, I like the pin stripping.

I parked in the 1940s class. Check out my competition, three of us altogether.

I like the pipe on this guy’s dash, and the wood details of his interior.

I never saw who was driving these cars, and I do not know which took first place as the awards were given by class then owner’s name without vehicle details. I was hoping to see which bikes and cars took which awards. Kind of funny tangent for a moment, the awards ceremony was very similar to Rockin Rides in that most people do not pay much attention as if not to care, but if you really look at many of these guys’ faces, they do care. It matters, but it doesn’t. I am curious to further explore men and women and the different ways they compete with one another: crowns or trophies; dressing up yourself or dressing up your ride. The girls all line up for the crowd to see and judge for themselves on the spot. Vehicles are larger than that, but you get the picture. Folks pay attention to pageants I think because of the visual. I wonder if a huge screen showed the cars as announced if that would hold the crowd’s attention better with direct “here’s what won.” Luckily for me, these sort of shows are not favorable to classic originals but rather tend to favor custom jobs. After all, the host is the Harley dealer and inside they have the shiniest and newest, this show wants custom and “special in its own way”, character. So, this was my first time placing in a show! We took second! That’s fun. I am humbled and honored.

Of course, loads more bikes than cars rolled in for this show. The air rumbled and roared with the many modified and custom exhaust systems. Hot. Hot. Hot. So many shiny paint jobs, and so much chrome! I cannot include ALL my favorite images, so we created a gallery should you desire to see more.

The bike above, more photos in our Hot Rods & Harleys gallery, is to me what two antique gorgeous pistols would look like if they had wheels and were a motorcycle. Swoon.

Even the engine compartment matches for this hot ride.

The fellow who owns this beauty tells us she is one of six left in the world, and the only in such pristine condition. His dad bought the car new in 1953, Mom did not like hauling three kids with two doors, so it became the Sunday driver for family outings to cruise and get ice cream. This guy took his driver’s test in this car, and after serving our nation in the Air Force, planned to restore the car with his dad. Cancer kinked their plans, and the car got restored anyway true to original speciafications and ready for the museum in loving memory. Rare and beautiful love.

I am considering to get a sun shade for the Stylemaster. What say you?
Here is the inside of the trailer at pictured at the top of this page. Two long days in the sun create a satisfying opportunity to finally rest.

More images of Hot Rods & Harleys in case you missed it earlier.
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