Rockin Rides 4

My favorite pinup related event we have attended yet! Relaxed atmosphere car show, we met so many wonderfully interesting people, and I wish we arrived earlier! Time spent was not enough to enjoy the pleasure of acquaintances. I could do this kind of event every week! Dad and I got to park next to one another, but between juggling the kids and chatting with many wonderful folks, we failed to take pictures! We have a few, so bare with us as this event was more about the experience than documentation.

These guys standing in front of my car with their backs to the camera are from Placerville, bearded man runs a restoration shop whose current project is a Jaguar while the other fellow has an truck in progress.

This beatuiful truck belongs to a gentleman also from Placerville whose lovely girlfriend competed in the pinup contest, but more on that later. He showed me photos of the truck’s history: she belonged to his father, turned to junk, then he restored bit by bit. The junk pictures were very similar to my dad’s junkyard find, turned project, now Beauty. We genuinely hope to see these folks again.

The fellow who owns this machine does all the work himself and has a second car project in-progress. This one is his daily driver and he wouldn’t normally enter a show, so in that respect I felt him very similar to our situation. We are likely to see him again.

I first spotted this logo on a gentleman’s T-shirt at the Sweetheart Jamboree back in February, our first pinup event where I won the contest! We did not get photos of A.J.’s beautiful Lincoln, but are sure to see him again at Rumble in the Gold Country.

Riff Raff car club hosted the event so Rat rods abounded at this show, and we did not take enough pictures! If we want more images, then next time we may need to bring along a child minder.
Bad Bones Photography captured aerial images of the event with a drone! The man himself with talented wife, Brittany Jane:

Here are the lovely co-hosts, The Luscious Ladies:

All photos courtesy Speakeasy Photos

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