Bow Tie Revisited

Mustang Days at Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville is tomorrow, and that marks the one year anniversary Shane and I decided to pursue Pinup publicly. Tomorrow also marks the two year anniversary of my noticing that such communities exist. Discover what you love and are passionate about, and pursue it! Much joy is to be had in the journey, and side stops along the way may lead to even more adventures previously unimaginable. We have met so many interesting and lovely people, sharing a connection to art or history or Americana culture.

The hobby, this blog, and pursuit of pinup is a thrilling ride. Nearly a year in the making, however, the journey has left the bank broke. We love doing this, but want to bring in some funds on return in order to keep taking photos and funding our shoots. Shane and I have decided a first step toward helping this hobby pay for itself is to offer prints for sale to the public. Nearly 600 images have been published to this blog. We have comprised a gallery of top images available for purchase on all from paper to our favorite, metal! Please do tell if there’s an image you want to purchase but is not in the gallery and we will add it. Also, share our work and talk about what we are doing! We love this and I would very much like to continue. The next two weeks I have a full calendar of posts to publish, but come November I will be slowing back to one or two posts per week. A slow-down in change of pace may be just the answer. From our hearts to yours, thank you for sharing in this delightful journey. May it be long from over!

Embarrassingly enough, I donned this number with the dress piece on backward last time we shot it. Got it on straight this time! Authentic vintage from the estate of my historic body clone.

Speakeasy Photos
MUA: Alyssa Plough
Hair: Self

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