Raw Boudoir Practice

Request to create boudoir images, which Shane and I have NOT preciously dabbled, led to Monday night practice. Fresh out of the shower, hair air dried and face washed with zero makeup, we figured no one would ever see this first round. See, we haven’t read up on this style of photography just yet. Unlearned we thought to try by trial and error. I’d say we did well for a flippant practice run. Shane also got to experiment with different development techniques in Lightroom. We recently joined Model Mayhem, and most of the images on the site are “sexy” bedroom photos. We figure must be a requirement to have such a thing in the port. So why not? Anybody can do this really. Feels a bit watered down for my blog, but thought to clue you in on our journey with a fun break from our usual work. We have so much we never reveal…

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