Swanx Vallejo Car Show

Check out the floorboard! That’s right, baby! Grass!

Low-key fun in the sun day featuring a signature Vallejo breeze making the whole thing rather pleasant indeed. The Vallejo Elks Lodge made a gracious host with a lovely uncommon place to sit and as far as car shows go, this one was most comfortable. We met some characters! Sport, the gentleman who owns this 1953 Kaiser Deluxe, shared that he found this girl on eBay for $610 closing bid out of Kansas. We all agree to enjoy the way she has rusted, and the pin-stripping he added is simple beauty capturing my heart for favored car of the day. Sport says of his choice to grass the floorboard: “I like to feel the grass between my toes when I drive.” Brilliant!

I enjoy this pin-stripping on the back, and the hula girl matching the grass theme.

Shane broke his camera at a waterfall shoot some weeks ago, you may or may not one day see those images on this blog, so we snapped a few images with a little Sony. Excuse the quality while the real camera is at the shop.

Sport has no intention of altering his car’s aesthetic, a far cry or difference to this shiniest-car-of the day ruby red beauty!

She’s also shiny and reminds me of the central car in the show Bomb Girls. I would be thrilled to do a photo shoot with such a wonderful piece of history.

Check out this custom hood ornament! Story told below!

Back to rust! The gentleman who owns this truck and hood ornament tells me he pulled this gun out of his back field when clearing a fence. He thought it a fortunate find and had to mount it to his project car. We marvel at the history of the gun and why ever it was once buried. I’ve got to adore the personality true artists incorporate into whatever projects they set sight upon. This is my favorite story of the day.

I gave my four-year old the camera, and this was his first shot. Got to appreciate the perspective of short people

John also, appropriately, took this picture.

I like how the top is off, but the window frame remains. Sort of dystopian, which appeals at the moment.

Friends, I love these guys.

Matt Martin and Trevor Holmes made the trek down from Grass Valley to join this easy day. What a treat to roll down the road in caravan with Matt as well as my dad and his truck. Cruising is not nearly as pleasurable as the face time we enjoyed chatting with these friends for whom I have developed heart-felt affection.

We all agree this Lincoln could have won best of show. Very nice, and for sale as well if you can pay the price: best offer. Ready, go!

This is the image inside a white hot rod of a Swanx club member. Elegance even in the rear-view mirror and the image of Rita Hayworth tickles me.

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