Thinking To Get Wet

Shane is super proud of this!

Making my way across the bridge to test the waters.

Once shooting at the caboose was exhausted, we headed downhill to this beautiful waterfall. The sun already set and the waterfall tucked into a corner of constant shade, this corner of the property is COLD. However, I was determined to get in that icy water and make like it wasn’t.

The whole area is slippery when wet, watch your step! Shane slipped and broke the camera at the other bridge. We are without it a few weeks for repair. What happens when you get too excited.

Finally, affirmation that the water is indeed freezing cold.

All right, y’all, no one wants to join me? Grab my sarong, I am going at it alone!

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MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Body Paint: Trevor Holmes
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