Presenting my hair a mess after a full day of shooting in Old Sac. My present from Shane this Christmas, a lovely red home made Bernie Dexter cast off: reuse! No time such as the present to be thankful. What did you present your loved ones to enjoy this year? I hand wrote notes to each one, stating what they mean to me and how I want to treat them the coming months. I cannot make a surprise purchase for Shane, as he knows each dollar which passes my fingers, so I create presents which cannot be bought: words from my heart and offering acts of service on cards. Which brings us to being present. Let us be present in the moment to enjoy its gifts: love, togetherness…presence is powerful. Where is your energy? In a fantasy? Some far off place? The inter webs? Then you’re not here, offering your presence to yourself and those who surround you. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, purposeful actions, are of highest value. For this is life, this is giving the greatest gift both to yourself and others. Presence, value yourself and those around you. Presence, a rare gift which cannot be bought. Presence, a gift only the giver has the power to offer. None can coax it out of another, for presence is our very being which dwells within. Get in touch with yourself, be present in your life. To draw from words out of Justin Riley’s mouth: No other way to dance more beautifully than being present to the music, to the floor, to yourself, and to your dance partner.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Excuse the frizz. These were taken after a day in Old Town Sac shooting with Chris Kisela. Images from that coming soon!

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