Happy New Year!

Time of year to take a closer look.

New Years in my life lend themselves as a time for taking stock of my choices and finding new directions, or rather embracing what is, and going from there. Shane and I have been married seven years January 12. We felt to be representing our genuine and true selves every step of our fast-moving relationship, but to marry truly was a clear look in the mirror with many hours and dollars vested in counseling. Having children has been another dead reflection of who we are, providing clues to how we may want to change. Parents may testify that rearing children pushes a person to the outer limits of self. A recent six months in counseling and working out relationship issues land us on a road to even further discovering the depths of our souls and how we function in the world. I hope to share more of our journey as we continue to write our own story of how we make life work while remaining genuine, and discovering ourselves more authentically.

Own vulnerabilities and cultivate relationship with true lovers, for this has the power of life.

Which masks do you plan to continue wearing into the new year?

Which ones dare you take down?

Silver and Gold. Lookin’ at you, kid.

Here we go…

Love the beats in this song.
Faith disclaimer: no truer lover than Creator God, Savior and King
Speakeasy Photos
Model: Rachel Anne Taylor
Hair: Jacqueline Driver
Makeup: self
Wardrobe: my personal collection

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