Seeing Red

Passion, love, anger…not much more infuriating in life than these.
“Surely the most ubiquitous misunderstanding of love is “love hurts”. Loving never hurts — it’s wanting others to be different from how they are, and not getting what you want, that we find so painful.” -Christopher Wallis

I’m wearing stockings! How classy of me. These red bloomers were purchased to wear under my circle skirts when I dance so that while twirling about the floor my dignity may remain in tact (tongue in cheek). I’m still loving these red shoes I crushed on two years prior to purchase. Occasionally I take my time making decisions.

Time to step out? Time to slip on a dress! What are YOU wearing this Valentine’s Day?
Vintage Bustier and Slip
Cream Girdle and Bullet Bra
Speakeasy Photos
Hair: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Makeup: Self

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