Alexandra of California

I saw this fabric and fell in love with it! Plus the style of the suit…drooling! An image of a set similar to this is what began a trilogy of orders from the lovely hand-made in USA Alexandra of California! Shoes found at my local thrift, and the purse at the Sacramento Antique Faire.

F— boxes! I’ve been insanely obsessing over this conundrum to examine to myself and justify what I enjoy. Label this, categorize that. I’m done. I enjoy clothes and styling. As people in the Western world we use our clothing and styles to communicate personality. My goal is to create images which highlight that. Simple. There’s no deeper motivation. I’m just a girl having fun. Fuck that box and its emotional/creative constipations.



Speakeasy Photos

Alexandra of California

Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Clip Show:

Bowling Bliss

Also in this series:

Bowling Bad





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