Up to Bat

I looked for months at the Sacramento Antique Faire before finding the perfect vintage bat. This was the outfit to finally photograph with the prop. Vintage 1940s fabric of native American warriors, the young girl in me who was fascinated with Native American culture had an¬†immediate affinity upon setting eyes to the fibers. This fabric would certainly gain a place in my wardrobe order. Alexandra informed me the material would not make good pants fabric, as it is very thin so we decided upon shorts and the design is ’40s perfection! Fully lined, she did such a rockin’ job! Sometimes when ordering clothes online we strike out, and at others we hit a home run. My experience with Alexandra was certainly a home run!

I planned to wear these in Las Vegas for Viva last Spring, but my daughter and I caught an early flight home due to a horrible stomach bug. I get to enjoy my clothes another occasion! This was fabulous in my shoot with Bad Bones Photography.

Speakeasy Photos

Alexandra Revisited

Alexandra of California

Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Clip Show:

Bowling Bliss

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Alexandra Revisited

Alexandra of California

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