Bridal By Daniel

There’s something incredibly feminine and regal about lace. It screams 20th Century Americana which I love and adore. For some reason, Legends of the Fall comes to mind. Daniel reworked these head pieces from the same places he rescues these delicate fabrics. Working lace and fashioning it to a body the way he does truly is an art. Wearable, delicate, regal art.

If I were to style a wedding today, I would want something simple in overall shape yet intricately detailed. These beauties are just that. To wear them gives a light and airy care-free vibe that communicates oneness with self and surroundings yet awareness of an individual role and beauty in it all. That’s a pleasant state to embody on your wedding day. Barefoot feels most at home. All this a stark contrast to the oft less comfortable yet pretty footwear and huge dress with which many brides adorn themselves. I donned silk taffeta because it was the lightest weight fabric I could find while achieving the Cinderella princess “poof” I at the time desired. Now a more mature, aware, and grounded woman these earthy yet comfortably feminine looks resonate with my being. The first two dresses feature a roaring twenties aesthetic, a sort of liberating time for women. The angel sleeves below, featured in Dark Age and Renaissance looks, also scream of the nineteen sixties, a time in history of many culture shifts. Exciting it is to me that we live in a time when we can fuse all these historical fashion trends together for any amazing look and pull it all off with ease and grace. Style with all the things you like, and find someone like Daniel who can pull your dreams together.

Wardrobe and styling by Daniel Laukat

Images by Samuel Nesbitt

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