Day of Debut

Rain cancels the highlight of the day for me, which was meant to be the California Auto Museum’s rummage sale where we meant to look for photo props. Postponed to the following week, but we are now able to arrive twenty minutes early to the party instead of what would have been hours late. Enough time to enter the contest, but on our drive Shane has declared we will not. Rain drops the windows of my parents’ Tahoe we’ve borrowed for the day in anticipation of finding props that would not fit in our Honda Civic, because at this point our 1948 Chevy Stylemaster is not road-ready. More on that piece of the story later. For now, we watch folks arrive and enter the HideAway Bar where the event is hosted. We think this crowd doesn’t seem for us, but are pleasantly surprised when we walk in and the feeling changes that it may be. Vintage attire and style everywhere, we dig the crowd but also feel held back by out kids en tow. A few other children are present, but this environment has nowhere for a kid to be so. Instead of mingling, we hunker down at a table and order some food. We eventually take turns with a chat here and conversation there. Next time we will certainly at least leave the three year old at home.

Impressions at this point of the Atomic Angels are that they genuinely mean the motto about sisterhood. Sweet gals with genuine smiles and do-good in the fiber of their being. I like that they offer a real experience and party people want to attend for immediate and real benefit to the community. Many of the girls are too busy to chat, but I like them and can pursue further contact at a later date.

The Luscious Ladies at this impression to me are a bit edgier and possibly alternative could be used here, more rockabilly in culture whereas the Angels seemed more classically styled than rockabilly. The Ladies appear to be a bit younger, possibly less experienced, and smaller in stature. They too claim to support charity while also bombing car shows and actively pursuing photo shoots.

End of Day, I still am not convinced which group if any is for me. I have more exploring and homework to do on both groups. Oh, and I won my first Pinup Contest, but more on that later.

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