Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons regularly float by our home during the Spring and Summer months. I have had an idea for quite some time now to get a shot of my backside as I balance on railroad tracks and hold a parasol. However, Shane will not shoot on or near railroad tracks unless we know without a doubt they are in fact abandoned. I know of no such tracks, and see his point of view about legality and safety, though for something that is illegal I feel I see it fairly regularly. Guess we just aren’t dangerous rebels. So, as a compromise I hatched the idea of balancing on our back wall one day as the balloons, or small planes pass by. We are near the landing strip to a small airport. One in ten times a hot air balloon get close enough to our home that a great photo is possible. This past weekend, we ditched the breakfast table for a few short moments to practice capturing such a shot. I forget that I am not a fan of heights, so I sit on the wall and will need to work up to standing. Its much more narrow up there than I imagined. No hair, no makeup, just PJs and the backyard view.

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