Bullet Dress Floral

Miss Midnight Mass 2014 has my head immersed in the dichotomy of good girl vs. bad girl and what sets each apart. I definitely find a real difference in posing and attitude in facial expression far more convincing than outfit. However, there’s no denying what an outfit can do for a gal. They say a person forms their opinion of you within the first ninety seconds of meeting. I had thought to wear one outfit during the day and change into another for evening. Shane thinks I should ditch the car show element and show up in the late afternoon, fresh for the pageant. I am determined to make the whole day. When I meet this crowd, I need to be full blown in my look all day. That’s twelve or thirteen hours! So I’ve been wondering with thoughts such as, can you make a circle skirt look bad girl? Do I need to rip a slit up between these color blocks to pull it off? Pants look “bad girl” but car shows tend to be populated by men, who in my experience prefer a lady in a dress. My closet newly evaluated, I am certainly a circle skirt fan with zero wiggle dresses and only two sarong style, which Shane has informed me is fun island-beach, not bad girl. I definitely have a dichotomy of good vs. bad girl within. Managing that is a dance. I am still learning how to dance with myself within that dichotomy. Preparing for this pageant is masaging out true colors. I wonder the inward battle the other nineteen experience as they approach a similar challenge to own one or the other, good or bad. I’m certainly a mix, preferring to lend heavier to the good.

Feminine, comfortable, what more can a gal ask for in a dress? I simply love Bernie Dexter, but these are sample dresses that I believe did not make it to production. I’m sure you can find similar on her site should you take an interest. I dig the vintage hat and gloves paired with the dress in the first image. Mid-century sophistication is so attractive. Accessorize, ladies! The first photo I got the hat at an Antique Fair in Folsom and gloves on OLL, the shoes authentic vintage as well from Racks Boutique in Midtown Sac, 1940s to be exact. The sandals in these pictures I found at Burlington Coat Factory.

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Hair: Self

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