Reversible Skirt Daze of Laur

The corset fashion show a few months back not only inspired the waist cincher, but as well to have made a reversible skirt with pockets! Laurie patiently worked with me, and my silly choice of fabric which was chosen purely to match my shoes, as this dress no longer fits me. Here is what she produced. Lovely.

The greatest appeal to the design of this skirt for me is the vast adjust-ability of the waist. Check out how to put it on. Tie and tie, it just may fit forever! Simply genius waist fit.

I have plans to make a sun top and a hat using vintage patterns with this fabric to match. Now to find the time…

I should probably start wearing nylons or stockings, but frankly they bother me and when I wear them I feel extreme irritation and like I could punch somebody in the face. Either way how un-pinup-like of me.

Speakeasy Photos
MUA: Alyssa Plough
Swimsuit is a Ross find from a few years ago. Poetic License heels. Skirt made by Laurie Tavan

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