Waist Cincher Reshoot

Much more pleased am I with this shoot than the last cincher images. The darker backdrop allows the light colors of the corset to pop. So, you ask, what is the difference between this waist cincher and that which the chain stores crank out? This is made for MY BODY, measured and remeasured and painstakingly redone time and again by a brilliant corset maker, Laurie Tavan. Not only was she made with love and great care and highest of skills, but she functions anew as well. I have purchased and returned from several different famous companies, ahem Spanx and Victoria’s Secret, because all those “cinchers” did was squish. The squish provided was neither attractive nor helpful. It was incredibly uncomfortable and MADDENING to have it on the few seconds I did. Stuffed sausage, anyone? What a relief upon removal of those saran wrap contraptions. This video is helpful to explain some differences between “modern technology” and real waist-reducing historical corsetry. My waist cincher has real metal boning, providing real shape and definitive waist reduction. This baby provides up to three inches of reduction. I previously stated that throughout the month my waist easily fluctuates two inches. This cincher ensures that certain dresses will fit without busting a seam, even on a higher waist measurement day. If I ever want to wear this for an event though, I need to practice waist training, where the waist cincher is worn for increasing periods of time to increase tolerance for the garment. Can you believe some women in history wore these most days of their lives? Anything to achieve the tiny waist. Gals desiring boudoir shots but not comfortable with their tummies can really benefit from a waist cincher or corset. Sexy hourglass figure quickly achieved, so prized by mid-century fashion enthusiasts.

What’s she wearing under there? You cannot even tell.

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