Driving Ms. —

Who said what?!

Cruise in style and never go wrong. Meet the ladies of this series!

Meet Danee Badeaux: Blues Zouk Fuse instructor, full-time working outside the home mother of two beautiful boys.

Introducing Ms. Melody Payne: Actress and proficient social dancer who can cut hair!

Mrs. Mary Hodges: Military wife, mother of one and soon to be two upon adoption this summer, fitness instructor and health issues survivor

You may already know me, so meet my real 1940s ostrich feather hat acquired from Rack’s Boutique in Sacramento. In case you did not know I also am mother of two, social dancer, midcentury style enthusiast and hobby blogger.

We are telling you something most serious

We are failing to take you seriously

No one else is driving my car. Let’s get back in the front seat.

Speakeasy Photos
Models: Danee Badeaux, Melody Payne, Mary Hodges
MUAH: All Self
Wardrobe: hats, gloves, and dresses authentic 1950s vintage from my personal collection
Location: Sacramento neighborhoods
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Coming Next: Pose on the Side of the road

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