Celebrating the Birthday of our Nation

Many fought and died giving birth to this nation. Any mother knows the deep sacrifice in creating and sustaining life. As we celebrate this nation’s 239th birthday, may we hold our loved ones near. I have grieved and shed tears that my children will not know the same America I grew up knowing, but then again I know one different from my parents and their parents and so on. Change is unstoppable. May we handle it with grace even in the midst of tears. I hear folks championing our governing powers for some deeds and hating them for others. Power, distractions, who knows what really goes on behind closed doors. It may be difficult for some to want to celebrate the birth of our nation, mixed bags of blessings. But I can say not one of us wants to witness nor bare the weight of her death, do you? Should you struggle to celebrate her, wrap your white knuckles around the bits that bring some peace to your heart. Since when did we need permission from our government to live our very lives?! I don’t like the eighteen billion law after laws passed to regulate every iota of citizens’ existence. Freedom. Where does it lie? Enjoyed on this soil for years, yet two constants remain same as the year of this nation’s birth: death and taxes. How free are we? Does freedom come from a government?

Those who fought and died for this nation two and a half centuries ago fought for a government for the people. Governing powers were here designed to regulate currency and protect borders. Today our governing powers seem more concerned with lining their own pockets and lives with money and power. All they seem interested in regulating is the people, with aims to keep itself in power. I am disgusted with their self-serving circus that keeps the population arguing with one another instead of dealing with the real problem: those feeding the frenzy. As long as we argue and bicker over lifestyles and “political opinion”, we aren’t directing energy toward change to benefit the people; we are playing into this circus and allowing a malady to unfold. What is to be done? I have no clue; I only see the game for what it is.

Meet Beau. He is mixed of Black Lab, Border Collie and German Short Hair. Otherwise known as a Ranch Mutt, I am told he should be smart given such a mixed background. Calm disposition has he, yet a pup who frolics in attention and is eager to be with his “pack”, our little family. Beau is young and needs lots of attention. He is my first dog and first pet ever so I am learning much about training him as well as how demanding a furry creature can be. Beau is fiercely loyal. Young pups are when handled well in these formative years. He will never have a 239th year birthday, nor will I. He will change, my family will change and as long as we have one another then we have something to hold through it all. May you find something life-giving to celebrate this weekend.

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