Dressing Robe

What to wear? What to wear? Thinking to change it up…Clothing and what you decide to put on each day MATTERS. Scratching and pinching of clothing or shoes or accessories can aggregate your mood and alter a day. Sore feet is one common endurance, but other pieces can cause pain. Is it worth it? Sometimes, a resounding YES! But often we seek comfort to have a “best day”. Every gal can delight in having a dressing robe as she sorts through the wardrobe to decide how she feels today and what she wants to communicate to the world. Men do this as well, so I shall not exclude. Think of my sentence as olden books refer to all in the masculine, so shall I in the feminine. Why do so many of us have such extensive collections? So many moods and dispositions! We are complicated creatures. A friend who studied graphic design learned about colors and what they communicate. She told me folks often choose to wear red when going somewhere they would rather not, but that in design orange and red together communicate energy moving forward.

Put on your outfit and gaze in the mirror, how does it make you feel? What are you saying to those around you? What are you invoking? Set your attitude for the day, and if it is completely opposite from yesterday, that’s okay! Dressing is an opportunity to explore the character voices in your head and moods bouncing through your skin. Some women have been launched into a whole new world simply by changing their clothes, owning their body and feeling good about themselves actually inspires lifestyle changes and daily habits where looking and feeling coincide.  Don’t wait to look a certain way, today is the youngest you will ever be and the best body you have is now: dress it and as changes happen, embrace with alterations and new clothes. Never give up on yourself. We’ve all stood in tears in front of the closet. Find a way, girl! Even if you wear the same outfit over and again, if it makes you feel like an awesome human being, then keep wearing it.

I found this lovely at the Sacramento Antique Faire along with a collection from a woman’s estate who was just my size. My shoes were found in my favorite vintage style enthusiast online community.

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