We Have Photos!

Days go by and I ponder what to do with our images. Is having them under our belt enough? They’re so lovely, sharing them would be marvelous. But how and where? I’m no FaceBook ham. If I share the images I want them to mean something. Our process to get even this far is a story worth offering. Even if you’re not interested in Pinup, perhaps vintage styling feasts your curiosity or desires to hug your beautiful womanly shape/shape of someone you love. Mother of two, I never regret having flattering images of myself to look back and remember. Early in our photographing days I hesitate at my husband’s obsession with photographing my body. I think memory fades for good reason, and he ought not to have such vivid memory one day of how much my body has changed through age and weight gain/loss. Many changes later, never do I regret our photos. Back to an answer, here I am, sharing my photos and accompanying story. But I am doing more than that, I am also seeking friendship with a community of people who enjoy classic styling. This piece of the journey I also share.

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