Where’s My Car?

In a previous post I mentioned that we own a 1948 Chevy Stylemaster. We are still working on getting it in tip top shape. Last time I drove Stella Mae, every time I turned off the engine I had to jump start with a battery pack. The time before that it rained and I got two puddles on the floor under the windshield, one forming in the speaker and the other dripping through electrical wire onto the gas pedal. We recently took time to find out the tires, which look brand new, are in fact thirteen years old. Additionally, Jay over at American Pastimes informed me that I need a new steering wheel or else I will look like a gal with a pair of shiny new shoes carrying a ratty hand bag. Windows, tires and a steering wheel add up to somewhere in the $1000 ball park. Projects and outings have to wait. Where are the pictures? Coming soon!

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