No, I Do Not Look Like This Daily

My family and I would be miserable if I did. Once per week at most, once every two months at least, I play dress up and take photos usually coupled with an outing. This is my hobby and distraction from chores. A recent attempt to acquire a daily vintage hair style, inspired by this video tutorial landed with four heating devices plugged in yet not properly used, one broken curling iron, and a mess on my head. Furious with failure, I also have something to add to the list “to improve”. If this were easy, would it hold my interest? Meanwhile, I have a fantastic excuse to slip off to the beauty parlor and learn to enjoy what both my grandmothers ritualized for decades. Frugality kept me away from beauty salons for years, but now I value such industry and relationship. Every week of Nonnie’s life that she was well she had standing nail and hair appointments. The two gals most recently frequented by Nonnie afforded her a visit during her last weeks of life and performed their services one final time free of charge. More than beauty is happening in the salons.

I may only wear makeup once or twice per week, but oftentimes I do wear these clothes. When I put them on, I feel beautiful and this feeling initiates an attitude adjustment. If I don’t enjoy the good stuff now, then when? And whatever were these garments’ purpose? I have a mom bod and these clothes help me embrace that. Women learn with time how to accentuate their best features, or do they? A post regarding fashion is in the brew. Mom bod for me is a pouchy tummy and stretch marks, so I switched to one-piece and high-waist swimwear which I love! Ladies, your waist is the smallest part of your torso anywhere between the hips and bust. Accentuate that with a belt, wherever on your torso it lands! Hint: oftentimes that’s closer to your bust than modern teen targeted styles suggest.

Posture is another piece of the total look. Let’s admit we slouch. We stare at screens, bend over to care for littles, and ride in cars. Concerned after my last labor and delivery, research landed me to this site which creates an excellent call to women to correct our postures. The Porch restaurant in midtown Sacramento recently hosted The Crescenzt Katz. Watching these guys play is sheer pleasure. The expressions conveyed in face and body whilst wielding their instruments of choice are viral. Music in real life, ain’t nothin’ like it. I want that kind of transcendence in my hobbies, even if most days that simply means correcting my posture.

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