We managed two photo shoots at nearby abandoned George’s Oranges last weekend, and now I have photos for two more Pinup contests! Spring is proving busy for Pinup this year. I Hope our family survives! This weekend is my second Pinup contest hosted by The Atomic Angels at their annual Spring Fling. Western Swing is the theme. Round one was to accumulate “likes” on our photo entries. Rounds two and three will be to dazzle the judges, and the audience with answers to some questions though I am not certain if the audience or the judges will be the ultimate decision maker. We have no family or friends attending with us. Wish me luck! I will report how it goes!

By the way, this event is also key in the Angels’ choosing new members. Many more girls are interested than spots are open, most of them around longer than the few months I have been. I did not know this until this week, but in order to join the group a potential member must have a sponsor. Sad face. I do not have high hopes that I will make it in this year, but ya never know!

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