I thought myself interested to join a group of women similarly interested in vintage styling. Shane and I set out seeking community in the Sacramento greater area. To join a group, I thought, would equal automatic friendship with folk who enjoy as I do. Friendships cannot be organized, arranged, nor can they be forced. Association does not a friendship make. Friendship is organic and grows from mutual respect and admiration. It takes time to cultivate, seasons to mature and bare fruit, and years to do it over and again. Common interest in Pinup styling makes no faster a friend than having anything else in common, such as simply having a child does not make all parents fast friends nor being a married man cause fast friendship with other married men. As Shane and I continue down this Pinup road, we will do so for the time being without the hassle nor the promotion of group association. I don’t want the unavoidable drama. More importantly, I do not have the capacity to be responsible to much else beyond family right now. We want to attend car shows and other events at our leisure and not by dictation nor time restraint Adulthood is this marvelous institution where control of what one will or will not do is at hand. I’m choosing to wield that. Not a team player? I have a different team in mind, and I am so loyal that I know true allegiance is by nature limited. Several dear friends suggest that we continue doing as we do without an organized group. So you’re not a model? So you’re not a philanthropist? You can still get dolled up, drive a classic, and/or document or otherwise enjoy festivities. Classically styled ladies and gents, by thread or by metal, we look forward to making your acquaintance.

Speakeasy Photos
MUA: Self
Hair: Five days old by Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Authentic 1950s vintage Skates and box acquired at the Sacramento Antique Faire
Authentic 1950s clothes acquired from Racks Boutique of Midtown Sacramento

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