Metal Prints

Have you heard of metal prints? Have you seen them in person? Shane and I first encountered metal prints at SmugMug‘s company office. Gradually, many prints on display were replaced with metal prints. They are brilliant on the wall. What we love about metal prints 1) Vivid clear imagery display 2) No frames! 3) They arrive ready to hang with mounting on the back 4) Lightweight construction means you don’t need heavy duty huge hole-making accessories to get your pieces on display. We moved enough times the first three years of marriage that our home decor style turned minimalist out of necessity. We tired of patching holes and redesigning so often that our last place before buying a home, we only moved in furniture and zero non-functional accessories. Accustomed to such sparse surroundings, our home now continues in functionality and less in beauty. With one exception, metal prints. We decided to only purchase and display original pieces by us or through work in order to make our home truly personalized. I’ve mentioned before, this quest is what sent us after Pinup photography in the first place.

Now I have a small metal print to display with my car at shows. We hang two-sided metal print ornaments on our Christmas tree and give them as gifts. I love the versatility of size and shape available. Design options to display imagery on walls is nearly endless. Check out Bay Photo located in Santa Cruz, where to my knowledge all metal prints ordered in the states through SmugMug accounts are printed. A Pro account is required for this service. Appreciation for metal prints cannot be cultivated without an in-person experience. You gotta see them some time!

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Swimwear authentic vintage curated OLL Facebook group
Metal print shown measures 8″x10″ perfect to fit in the window should I ever get ’round to purchasing window suctions

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