Midnight Mass Preshoot

I am entirely embarrassed to publish these photos to my blog, but these are the only images we have in our possession of my outfit for this event. Shane was out of town for the car show and pageant, so I enlisted the help of some dear friends to accompany me for the day. Unfortunately, without the adoring husband en towe, I have no pictures of Midnight Mass 2014. Jason with Outlaw Photography and I enjoyed two fabulous photo sessions at Midnight Mass, and I look forward to publishing those images once we get our hands on them. Meanwhile, I will talk about the experience using these practice shots we took just before, yes BEFORE detailing my car in preparation for the show. Yes, I am wearing no makeup and my hair is thrown into a clip.

I purchased three separate outfits, but this is the one I chose to wear. Authentic 1950s vintage lipstick red acetate taffeta dress volumized by my favorite slip company, Malco Modes. My hat is also authentic 1950s vintage procured on Etsy. I am wearing nylons! I never do that. These weren’t so bad for comfort, and they totally finished my look to make me pageant-worthy. I suppose those back seams are rather sexy. Too bad I cannot find where to procure more…

I shopped for shoes in my favorite shoe store, Zappos, where I get to read all the reviews. Three hundred gave these puppies five stars out of five, including points for comfort. Those are my shoes! I had a second pair shipped directly to Florida, where Darrell Roberts pin striped them to match a purse. A photo shoot dedicated to this matching set is in the works. For now, here is a bit of detail that went into my look.

I had my buddy, Bobby Hunt, escort me for much of the day. We met on the dance scene at Spotlight Ballroom and I enjoy the dips he places his follows into which display a feminine beauty I thought would be marvelous for working the crowd. We ran behind schedule arriving to the show, and between photo shoots and check in times for the pageant, Bobby and I did not get a chance to dance until after the pageant was over. His presence with me at the show was a true blessing and kept my fragile nerves in check, reassuring me with every knowing glance as I posed in photos and stood lined up for the pageant. Support systems are critical when a gal takes on an exciting or high pressure role as a pageant participant. I cannot express the value of attentive friendship.

My family also offered invaluable support. Mom parked herself at my car. My sister and her kids came out and later reported a temperature at their car of 109! I was delighted that Shane thought to order me a black parasol to stave off the sun rays.

Regret for the day is that I did not have more time to roam and enjoy all the handiwork of those car owners in attendance. Such excitement filled the air as the engines fired up to leave. I thought I may actually swoon for all the exhaust and revving and rumbling filling the night air. Anyone else find cars sexy?

My favorite things during the day were of course the company I was blessed to enjoy, and the photo shoots with Jason of Outlaw Photography. My husband usually takes all my photos, but we enjoyed working with Jason at the Rumble in Gold Country Show. He’s a good guy. Our first session was with the Cadillac Kings and the second with a rat rod. I met Davy “Gravy” Castillo Blues dancing Sunday night, and as it turns out he is a male pinup model! Similar to my situation, he serves as more of a muse to a dear friend with a camera, but he is very photogenic. I was thrilled to participate in my first shoot with him and hope for more. I will look forward to sharing those images once we have them!

As far as the pageant is concerned, my role for the day as a bad girl was certainly stretching. I enjoyed my character, but suppose I could have toned it down enough to be friendlier with the crowd. I just wasn’t sure how to interact at that distance and still be inviting. I was relieved to chat with other contestants and discover I am not the only one who lost sleep all week and experienced nerves taking over every cell in my body. My mantra all afternoon was, “A flower does not compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms.” My goal was to deliver my introduction to the best of my ability and to stay in character with focus and attentive execution. I feel I did that well and am pleased with my performance. Called back on stage for the top ten was rewarding as we fielded surprise quirky questions. Backstage while waiting for the top three to be announced, a member of the Cash Prophets snapped a photo with my squatting self in the grass self and I wish I had a copy. So relieved was I when he allowed me a drink of cold water, because between nerves and heat I thought I may pass out. Curiously enough, the photo featured a man’s shadow though none was there standing. The final three called forth, I was relieved to have the pressure subside and to get on with enjoying the fabulous cars and attenders of the show. I left thinking, why don’t I go to more car shows?

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: None, this is raw baby!

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