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I got a wild hair tempted by a massive Tatyana sale, and regret the money I spent as nothing fit quite right. So, dress for sale! Stained glass dress tight 26in the waist 34in bust with room for much more than a B cup, up to 40in hips. This dress is more generous than I can handle in the bust and hips and length. Bubble silhouette may look best on a taller gal than I. Contact me, ladies $20 and I will give you the authentic vintage gloves with it for $5. The shoes were acquired from Racks Boutique in Midtown, I will sell them for $7 if you have a size seven/seven and a half NARROW foot. I also have two front tie tops in similar size, Small never worn except to try on as well $7 each. Contact me for photos and more specific measurements. If you’re local, try it on!

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MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Winter Baking and Fashion, Vintage Apron 1

I buy items in threes apparently. Example, at the bottom of these links are links to the other two pieces in the series: Asian dresses, prom dresses, jackets (this the first of two to come) One of three aprons I purchased at the Folsom Antique Faire months ago, this is my favorite of the set. The apron could be classified more as a hostess apron, rather than a functional wear-it-while-you-work piece. That being said, ’tis the season for baking! Every holiday season since we’ve been married, my go-to cookie recipe is for “ginger snaps” but my modified version of the recipe leaves them soft, not crisp nor snappy and spiced more strongly with cloves than ginger. Perhaps they would best be named “holiday spice cookies”. What is your go-to cookie, or any holiday recipe for that matter?

Speakeasy Photos

Hair: self
MUA: Alyssa Plough
Reproduction dress by Unique Vintage, authentic 1940s vintage shoes by American Red Cross acquired from Racks Boutique in Sacramento

Life is a BattleField

“Don’t fuck with me when I’m annoyed.”

Life can at times feel as if fighting battle after battle. The gentleman who wore this uniform, the photographer’s father, was a tail-gunner in World War Two. He knew something about fighting. He also may have known something about fear. Fear is a terrible motivator, and has no place on the road of an authentic life. When we are genuine and live honestly with ourselves and those with whom we are doing life, fear really has no place for together we may embrace our truths and do our best to live well.

Communications and Intelligence are key in fighting those battles.

With the right information, relax and set your sights on the next move.

Sometimes, you just want the battles to be over.

The battle of all battles was won ages ago. Stance of victory in my spirit gives utter confidence that every other battle may be grimaced. I gaze with hope and utter assurance that one day every battle ever fought will fade in light of ultimate victory de facto. The victory of which I speak is outside of time: it has happened, it will happen, it is happening. Do you feel the churning in your soul?
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All images courtesy Sam Nesbitt.
Hair by The Hair Maverick