The first swim suit Shane purchased for me ($175 Juicy Couture via Nordstrom), our first year of marriage, to begin shooting on the beach and experimenting with pinup style. I wore it again last summer when we were trying to sort out if our then nearly seven year marriage was going to work or not. If you’ve been following my blog, then you know the path we’ve chosen.

Years after this suit was purchased we created a home studio and got serious about seeking vintage pinup hair and makeup. I long had the clothes, but without the rest of the aesthetic a message can be lost. The whole package comes to mind. Once we had photos, Shane challenged me to do something with them. I began telling my story in this blog. Stories continue, and right now I say going back to basics can be the path of greatest courage. What is pinup? An image a person informally “pins” to their wall for admiration, until the next image takes its place.

A year and a half of blogging and exploring pinup culture, I come to the same conclusion as my dance journey: Fusion. Blend together the best parts of that which is enjoyed and fuse it together creating anew, oft shared storm of style and passion. The results are as writings in the sand, fading as quickly as they appear. If life is only a breath, then a deep one shall I take. I’ll make my etches in the sand, and as they shift more etchings shall I make.

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