Circus Train

Where will our circus take you today?

I spoke months ago about wanting to do a circus shoot, or at least to have my parasol opened and balancing on a train track, then lamenting that Shane legitimately refuses to shoot on tracks as it is illegal. Well, these tracks in Grass Valley are in all certainty out of commission. What will we come up with next? Many ideas brewing over here at The Pinup Pursuit. We are teaming up with creative minds and conjuring some real treats and fresh spaces.

I am sure enjoying the journey and look forward to many more.

Dance Legs, who would like to dance with me?

Soundtrack for today’s post: Bullet Train by Stephen Swartz Featuring Joni Fatora
More images from this shoot day:
Pushrods & Pedal Cars Clothing Co.
This Train
Thinking To Get Wet
*parental advisory*
I Keep Going To The River To Pray

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Special thanks to Trevor Holmes and his artistic genius.

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